Kitchen Extensions in Reading, Henley-on-Thames, Newbury
& Across Berkshire

Have years of wear and tear finally caught up with your kitchen? Are the surfaces cluttered with appliances, herbs, spices, cookbooks and more? MW Carpentry Ltd undertakes kitchen extensions that not only revitalise, but also create much-needed extra space. Using your ideas and concepts as the foundation for the project, we create flowing, open and practical environments that turn your dream kitchen into a stunning reality.

Based in Caversham, Reading, our team of carpenters and builders carry out these house extensions across Berkshire. From Henley-on-Thames to Newbury, and from Winnersh to Wokingham, we extend kitchens across the county.

Kitchens are rightfully known as the heart of the home. They are central hubs intended for families or housemates to prepare meals, eat, socialise and bond together. However, a lack of space often stops this from happening. This results in a different reality – stuffy, crowded and stressful kitchens.

Our FMB-approved builders and carpenters have a proven track record for dazzling kitchen extensions, as evidenced in our many testimonials. We have a skillset that covers a wide range of building and carpentry services, including wider house extensions, loft conversions and new builds.

As such, we find innovative solutions when it comes to creating larger, more functional new kitchens in Reading, Henley-on-Thames, Newbury and all neighbouring areas. Contact us to find out more.

New Kitchen Extensions | Finding the Right Style

In most cases, kitchens sit at the rear of a house. To extend them, then, our carpenters and builders usually construct a side or rear extension, or a combination of the two. Needless to say, the most suitable choice for your needs will depend on the size and type of home you have.

Side/Side Return Extension

Does your end-of-terrace or semi-detached home have a side return? Has it become a storage space for bikes, bins and assorted outdoor equipment? If yes, you can use it much more effectively. While this strip of land may seem narrow, those few extra feet can make a huge difference inside a kitchen. This is especially true for smaller spaces.

We work with you to find the perfect design for these kitchen extensions. By focusing on optimising natural light, you can enjoy a bigger, brighter kitchen with improved functionality.

Does your home in Henley-on-Thames, Newbury or the wider Berkshire area have more surrounding land to work with? For example, if you have a detached home with a large garden, our Reading-based carpenters and builders can construct side house extensions that create even more space. This gives you greater scope to fit in must-have features and effective storage solutions.

Rear Extensions

If you don’t have a side return, or any practical space at the side of your home, rear kitchen extensions make the perfect solution. During the construction process, we extend part or all of the original rear wall into your garden. The extent of this kitchen remodelling project will depend on whether you have a detached, semi-detached or terraced home, among other considerations.

These house extensions are ideal if you and your family already spend significant time in the kitchen. Using years of know-how, our carpenters and builders usually create enough new space to integrate an island unit too.

With a range of door and window options to choose from, you can benefit from a light-filled kitchen that flows seamlessly into your garden.

Wraparound Extensions

If your property in Reading, Henley-on-Thames, Newbury or the surrounding areas can accommodate both a rear and side extension, you may want to consider a combination of both. The resulting kitchen renovations are known as a wraparound. This new structure provides a significant amount of new space while altering your home’s ambience and shape.

Wraparound house extensions hold huge appeal with homeowners for the unmatched benefits they deliver. These include:

  • A combined space for dining and socialising

  • Creating an airy, bright link with the garden

  • An impressive amount of new floorspace

  • A flowing, open-plan kitchen

In addition, these kitchen extensions are also a highly efficient way to use your land.

The Complete Service Package

Our carpenters and builders cover every aspect of your kitchen extension, including:

  • Start-to-finish project management

  • Fully bespoke kitchen remodelling planning and design

  • Unmatched customer care

  • Permitted development advice

  • Compliance with the Building Regulations

  • Foundation installation and brickwork

  • Internal kitchen renovation and construction work

  • Installation of new kitchen features

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